Filtabrite Filter Pads


Filtabrite Pads are a fine grade pad. These pads are thick and as a result, the wine will take more time to pass through than thinner pads

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Filtabrite Filter PadsFiltabrite Filter Pads

Filtabrite pads are thicker filter pads that fit the Vinbrite Mk3 Filter Kit.

How Many Pads Are In The Packet?

There are 5 Filtabrite Pads in each packet.

What Grade Are The Filtabrite Pads?

Filtabrite are fine grade pads offering excellent clarity. The Filtabrite will filter to a high degree of clarity, very similar to Crystalbrite pads, but due to the thickness, will filter slower.

Why Choose Filtabrite Pads?

Filtabrite Pads are a fine grade pad. These pads are thick and as a result, the wine will take more time to pass through than thinner pads. As these pads do not use the latest technology, they are more affordable and more economical to use, so if speed of clearing is not your main priority, then these pads will be perfect. If you are more concerned about speed, then the Crystalbrite pads will clear to the same standard but at a faster pace.

What Is The Micron Rating Of The Filtabrite Pad?

The Filtabrite pads will filter to less than 2.2 microns. The minimum pore size is 2.2 microns, with a mean pore size of 2.5 microns.
The micron is a short unit of length in the metric system. It is one millionth of a metre or 0.000039 of 1 imperial inch. The micron is used as a criterion to evaluate the performance or efficiency of a filter media, or to describe the condition of the incoming outgoing liquid. It is actually stated in terms of being either obsolete or nominal. Nominal micron rating is generally to interpret that 98% of all particles over a given micron value have been removed by a specific media or medium. Absolute micron rating is generally taken to interpret that all particles over a given micron value have been removed.
Incidentally, the naked eye can only see particles 40 microns or larger.

How Do You Fit The Filtabrite Pad?

The Filtabrite is inserted into the Vinbrite Top Body, then tighten the Locking Ring with the Spanner to secure the pad in place then snap on the Funnel. There is no need to use the Support Disc.

How Fast Do The Filtabrite Pads Filter The Wine?

This is difficult to predict, as there are many factors that can influence the flow rate. Passing a thick cloudy wine through a filter will slow the filtration process and could even stop the flow. By pre-treating a wine beforehand, you will get more wine through the filter pad with faster flow rates. To pre-treat a wine for filtration, make sure that the wine has finished, degas the wine by stirring until no more bubbles rise, add finings to take the main debris down and siphon off the sediment. For country wines, also use a pectin destroying enzyme.

What Volume Of Wine Can You Pass Through A Filtabrite Pad?

The amount of wine that you will be able to pass through the Filtabrite Pad will depend upon the clarity of the wine being passed through. The more work that the filter pad must do, the quicker it can block up and the slower it will be. Only filter wines that have been pre-treated beforehand, as this will allow more wine to pass through the pad. The performance of the pad can be improved by first passing your wine through a coarse grade Prime Pad. This will improve flow rates and extend the life of the Filtabrite Pad.

Are There Any Other Type Of Pads For The Vinbrite Filter?

Also available are premium grade Crystalbrite pads offering excellent clarity and faster flow rates. The Crystalbrite use the latest technology in pad manufacture to produce a thin pad that has amazing filtration properties. Wine will pass through the pad faster than all other pads available, whilst still producing a perfectly clear wine.

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