2″ O ring for Economy Keg Cap


The 2″ O ring for Economy Keg Caps seals the cap against the barrel shell.  It helps prevent leaks and preserve freshness of the contents.

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2" O'ring for Economy Keg Cap2″ O ring for Economy Keg Cap

This will fit inside the small 2″ keg cap that is used on the budget barrels.

How often should it be changed?

With careful use, it should last at least a year. Thing to avoid are over tightening the cap, as this will compress the washer and start to put deep indents in the material. This will result in an uneven seal and cause leaks. It will start to go brittle with age, so keep checking the condition. If you can see deep indents on the surface or it has started to go a deep yellow colour, then change the washer to ensure your barrel hold pressure.

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2" O'ring for Economy Keg Cap
2″ O ring for Economy Keg Cap