Alembic Dome & Condenser


Still Spirits Alembic Dome. Condenser to add to Grainfather or T500 boiler for producing high-grade craft spirits at home in a more traditional method.

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Alembic Dome & CondenserAlembic Dome & Condenser

Craft true artisan spirits and liquids at home in a more traditional distilling method. Allowing you to add in flavour profiles on your spirits and liquors rather than stripping all flavours as you would with a reflux system.

The Pot Still Alembic Dome Top is copper and fits onto the Grainfather or a T500 Boiler (not included).

The large copper surface area of this dome top acts as a catalyst with the vapour in the still.

This helps enhance and concentrate the flavours and aromas as well as remove unwanted sulphur compounds.

This produces a smoother, richer, sweeter-tasting spirit.

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Alembic Dome & Condenser
Alembic Dome & Condenser