Beer Float for Barrel


The beer float allows you to draw your beer from the top of the keg rather than the bottom, ensuring a clearer beer more quickly.

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Beer Float for BarrelBeer Float for Barrel

A float allows the beer to be drawn from the top of the barrel rather than the bottom.

How does it work?

A syphon tube is connected at one end to a plug and the other end to a lightweight plastic float. The plug pushes into the back of the tap, and the float will sit on top of the beer. It floats in a way that the other end of the tube is just underneath the beer line. As you open the tap, pressure in the keg pushes the beer down the tube to the tap, enabling you to dispense the beer. The float is essential if your barrel has the tap near the top, but is an optional accessory for barrels with the tap at the bottom.

What is the advantage of a float?

As beer will clear from the top to the bottom and the float is drawing from the top, you will be able to drink the beer a lot quicker than a barrel with the tap at the bottom. With the bottom tap barrels you will need to wait for the whole beer to clear before drinking, which could be several weeks longer.

Can the float be used with all barrels?

No. You will need to be able to get the float in the barrel, and push the plug firmly into the tap. With the smaller opening budget barrels, you will not be able to do this.

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Beer Float for Barrel
Beer Float for Barrel