Harris 24cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)


General purpose filter papers. Fold the papers and place in a funnel to strain the floating debris. A 7-10 micron rated filter paper for general use.

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Harris 24cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)Harris 24cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)

The 24cm Vinpapers are general use filter papers that will remove floating debris in a liquid. They are 24cm in diameter and there are 25 papers in a pack.

How fine are the papers?

These papers have a 7-10 micron rating, meaning they will trap any particles larger than 10 microns (0.01mm). They will clear a wine to a certain point, but wine debris can be a lot finer. A proper wine filter like the Vinbrite, will provide a better clarity in wine. They will also clear liqueurs like Damson Gin and Sloe Gin, but due to the fin rating of the paper, it could take a while to filter clear.

How do you fold the papers?

The simplest way to fold papers is to fold them in half, then half again. Open one part of the fold to make a cone and place this inside a funnel. Pour the liquid through.

As the paper gets wet, it will start to stick against the funnel slowing the flow. By inserting something between the paper and funnel, this will keep the paper open for longer allowing a faster filtration time.

On the back of the leaflet that is supplied, it also describes how to flute a filter paper, this is the best way to fold papers as it offers a greater surface area. Although it takes longer to fold the paper into a flute, it will filter faster and for longer.

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Harris 24cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)
Harris 24cm Vinpapers (Filter Papers)