Dark Rock Heating Pad


A silicone heat mat that can hold a fermenter/bucket. Just plug it in and stand the fermenter on top. Heat rises so you get a better ferment.

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Dark Rock Heating Pad

Dark Rock Heating PadThe Dark Rock Heating Mat (or heating pad) can hold a 5 gallon fermenter, it is 30cm diameter. The power cable is 1.8m long.

How Do You Use The Heating Mat?

The Heating Mat is simply plugged in the mains and is placed on a floor or surface. The fermenters can then be placed on top of the heater. The heat will rise from the tray through the fermenter providing a gentle warmth to encourage successful fermentation.

How Much Power Does The Heating Mat Consume?

The power output of the mat is 30 Watts, using 220/240V. It comes with a UK plug for a UK power supply only.

How Do They Operate?

The heat pads are a simple device that are designed to warm the brew by approximately 9 deg C above ambient. This level was based on data that suggested a typical domestic temperature of 15-18 deg C giving a liquid temperature of 24-27 deg C.

Do They Have A Thermostat?

Whilst the heating trays have a thermal cut-out in case they get too warm, they do not have a thermostat, therefore you cannot regulate the temperature.

What Do I Do If My Room Temperature Is Above 20C?

We would advise not putting the heating tray on, as they are designed to raise the temperature of the contents in the fermenter 9C above room temperature. This would make the liquid too hot and it will kill the yeast and could produce off-flavours.

What Do I Do If My Room Temperature Is Below 10C?

If even with the heating tray the temperature is still not up to the one specified for your yeast, you will need to insulate the fermenter to reduce heat loss. This can be as simple as placing a box over the fermenter o even wrapping a jacket round it. This will help keep in the heat and raise the temperature up to a more comfortable level. This is mainly needed during the cold Winter months if brewing either in an unheated room or in a garage or shed.

Are The Heating Trays Easy To Clean?

Yes, they are made from silicone, so they are easy to wipe clean and sanitise.

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Dark Rock Heating Pad
Dark Rock Heating Pad