Glass Thermometer – 300mm long


For taking a temperature reading of the liquid. Hold the bulb part into the liquid and wait several seconds for the reading to be accurate.


Glass Thermometer

Glass ThermometerAn accurate way to test the temperature of a liquid. Length is 300mm approximately – 11.75″. It comes in a hard plastic case for protection.


The scale of the thermometer is between -20C – 110C (0F – 228F).

How far in the liquid to test the temperature?

The thermometer needs to be 75mm in the liquid. There is a mark around the point with an arrow pointing to the line with the words “Immerse to line”.

Can this be fixed to the side of the fermenter?

No. To get an accurate reading, the base needs to be submerged into the liquid. If you want a thermometer that sticks to the side of the fermenter, we suggest the LCD Thermometer.


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Glass Thermometer
Glass Thermometer – 300mm long