John Guest 3/8 Check Valve (one way)


The 3/8″ Simple Check Valve Single Check Valve ensures protection against reversal of flow of liquid.

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A simple check valve, allows the liquid to flow in only one direction. This is 3/8″ size – which is the standard brewery size.

Produced at the request of leading companies in the Drinks Dispense Industry, the Super Speedfit Acetal Single Check Valve ensures protection against reversal of flow.  The low headloss design and fast installation time make the valve the ideal selection. The valve is designed for use with liquids, it is not suitable for air and vacuum applications.

Working Pressures and Temperatures

10 Bar at 20°C
7 Bar at 65°C intermittent hot water

Minimum temperature 1°C
Typical ‘crack open’ pressure 0.02 Bar

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