Pressure Gauge for Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg)


A pressure gauge set on a disconnect for corny kegs. Fits on the gas in post. Use on many kegs. The pressure dial reads from 0 to 100 psi.

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Pressure Gauge for Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg)

Pressure Gauge for Cornelius Keg (Corny Keg)A simple pressure gauge that fits on the gas in post, to show the pressure inside your keg.

How does it work?

The gauge is fitted to a quick disconnect. This simply pushes and locks on to the gas in disconnect valve on the keg. It will then show on the dial how much pressure is in the keg.

Can it be used on more than 1 keg?

Yes. Just disconnect it from the one keg, and push it on the next.

Can you inject gas whilst this is connected?

No. The kegs have just one post valve. Either this needs to be connected or the gas line from your gas bottle.

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