SG Wines Platinum Chardonnay – 30 Bottle Wine Kit


SG Wines  Chardonnay produces a fragrant and crisp wine, rich and well balanced with wonderful body and a lingering aftertaste.

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SG Wines Platinum Chardonnay – 30 Bottle Wine Kit

SG Wines Platinum ChardonnaySG Wines Platinum is a 7-day sugar inclusive kit from the makers of one of the most popular 7-day wine kits. This Chardonnay makes an elegant, well-balanced white wine with subtle fruit complexity and a clean finish.

Begin fermentation on day 1, complete it by day 5, and have it cleared and ready to drink by day 7. Make these kits rapidly by ensuring the right fermentation temperature; they’ll be ready to drink within one week of creation.

Although it takes around 1 week to finish, we highly recommend leaving this wine for as long as possible for further maturation and to release its more complex flavours and to deepen them further.


Included in the kit is a container of concentrated grape juice and sachets of yeast, stabiliser, finings and addback flavours – this improves taste & bouquet. Make this kit with just water; no extra sugar is necessary.


This kit contains all the ingredients you’ll need, but you’ll also need the following equipment:

  • Food grade fermenter of no less than 25 L capacity
  • Bung
  • Airlock
  • Syphon kit
  • Hydrometer
  • Mixing spoon/paddle
  • Sanitiser for the equipment
  • 30 x 750 ml wine bottles with corks or stoppers

We also recommend the use of a Vinbrite filter to clear wine to a professional standard.


We recommend using a Vinbrite filter to clear the wine to a professional standard.

This fantastic, all-inclusive wine kit requires no extra sugar. Basic wine brewing equipment is necessary to start the fermentation. We recommend our 5-gallon deluxe wine starter kit to make this kits.

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SG Wines Platinum Chardonnay – 30 Bottle Wine Kit