Spirit Hydrometer (Alcometer)


A spirit hydrometer (alcometer) is used to measure the final strength of your distilled alcohol. Essential when using a still.

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Spirit Hydrometer (Alcometer)

Spirit HydrometerA spirit hydrometer is a simple scientific instrument that floats in a sample of the spirit. The level of the spirit and the reading on the hydrometer indicates the spirit strength.

How do you use it?

You will need a tall cylinder like a trial jar to put a sample of your spirit in. Carefully lower the hydrometer into the spirit sample and let it float. The hydrometer will have printed markings inside the tall thin column. Look at where the top of the spirit is on the hydrometer markings. If the top of the spirit meets the hydrometer at 55, then the spirit is 55% abv. If the top of the spirit meets the hydrometer markings at 90, then the spirit is 90% abv.

Will the spirit hydrometer work on beer or wine?

No. The spirit hydrometer only works on a distilled liquid. If you try the spirit hydrometer on anything other than a distilled spirit, you will get a reading of 0. There is a different Hydrometer for beer and wine.

What is the scale of the spirit hydrometer?

The scale has a reading between 0 and 100. The higher the %abv, the lower the hydrometer will sink.

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Spirit Hydrometer
Spirit Hydrometer (Alcometer)