VWP – 4Kg Bulk Steriliser


Bulk purchase of VWP as used by micro-breweries. Kills all bacteria and microorganisms on brewing equipment.

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VWP – 4Kg Bulk Steriliser

  • VWP 4kg - VWP Cleaner Steriliser | The Home Brew ShopCleans and disinfects in one simple operation
  • Lifts stains and cleans without effort
  • Just soak for brilliant results
  • Kills a wide range of micro-organisms
  • Powerful cleaning components combine with a strong active ingredient to efficiently clean and sterilize a multitude of items, components and equipment
  • Cleans and disinfects stained items where disinfectants alone are ineffective


Sterilizing brewing equipment is crucial in the brewing process for several reasons:

Prevention of Contamination: Sterilization helps eliminate any unwanted microorganisms, bacteria, or wild yeast that could negatively impact the flavor, aroma, and overall quality of the beer. Contaminants can introduce off-flavors and spoil the beer.

Consistency and Reproducibility: Brewing is a delicate process where consistency is key. Sterilizing equipment ensures that each batch of beer starts with a clean slate, allowing brewers to maintain consistency in flavor and quality from one batch to another.

Yeast Management: Contamination can interfere with the desired yeast strains responsible for fermentation. Sterilizing equipment provides an environment conducive to the growth and activity of the selected yeast strains, allowing them to ferment the wort properly and produce the intended flavors.

Prevention of Off-Flavors: Unwanted microorganisms can produce off-flavors and aromas in beer. Sterilizing equipment minimizes the risk of off-flavors, ensuring that the beer retains its intended taste profile.

Health and Safety: Proper sterilization practices contribute to the safety of the brewing process. Contaminated equipment may pose health risks to consumers, making it essential to maintain a hygienic brewing environment.

Longevity of Equipment: Regular sterilization can contribute to the longevity of brewing equipment. Residual build-up of contaminants over time may lead to corrosion and deterioration of equipment, affecting its performance and lifespan.

Overall, the importance of sterilizing brewing equipment lies in creating a clean and controlled environment for brewing, promoting consistency, preventing contamination, and ensuring the production of high-quality and safe beer.

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VWP - 4Kg Bulk Steriliser
VWP – 4Kg Bulk Steriliser