Weyermann – Crushed CARABELGE® Malt


Made from the finest European quality brewing barley. This golden-brown malt gives the beer a deeper color and rounds off the aroma harmoniously.

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Weyermann Carabelge Malt

Made from the finest European quality brewing barley. This golden-brown malt gives the beer a deeper colour and rounds off the aroma harmoniously.

Sensory: Notes of caramel, dried fruits and nuts (almonds)

Caramel malt for full-bodied beer styles, typically for:

  • Pale Ale; Belgian Pale Ale, Trappist Single
  • Golden Ale
  • Amber Ale; American Red Ale, Biére de Garde
  • Brown Ale; British Brown Ale
  • Strong Ale; Belgian Tripel, Belgian Dark Strong Ale or Quadrupel
  • Sour Ale; Flanders Red Ale

Recommended addition: up to 30%

Enzyme activity: none

30,0 – 35,0 EBC
11.8 – 13.6 Lovibond


Weyermann® began the production of high-quality malts and malt derived products in Bamberg over 140 years ago. Nowadays Weyermann® Specialty Malts is the world market leader in the manufacturing of caramel- and roasting malts with a portfolio of over 90 different products. Weyermann® Specialty Malts influence the colour and taste of more than 60,000 beers in 135 countries on all continents. The red and yellow Weyermann® logo has become an epitome of excellent malt produced in Germany, for both brewers and beer connoisseurs all over the world. Ranging from very large breweries to home brewers, our customers represent the diverse brewing industry.


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Weyermann – Crushed CARABELGE® Malt