St Peters Real Ale Beer Kits

St Peters

Muntons have formed a relationship with St Peters brewery to develop a beer kit range. This range accurately matches their popular commercial beers. Their head brewer shapes and approves each newly launched beer kit. St. Peter’s kits produce a commercial tasting beer. Why not purchase a commercial bottle and see if you can taste the difference? Try the new Plum Porter or the favourite Ruby Red Ale.

St. Peter’s Brewery is one of England’s original craft breweries. Founded in 1996 in former traditional agricultural buildings alongside the moated St. Peter’s Hall, deep in the picturesque Suffolk countryside. Situated in the village of St. Peter South Elmham, the location is ideal for utilizing excellent water quality in the brewing process. All beers brewed at St Peters Brewery use water filtered through chalk deep beneath the brewery, obtained from their own deep bore-hole.

The name St Peters Brewery was an obvious choice as the brewery is situated in the Suffolk village of St Peter South Elmham, in former agricultural buildings adjacent to St. Peter’s Hall.

The logo was designed to depict a barrel traditionally used for brewing beer and the raven is a symbol of the Vikings – the moat at St Peter’s Hall most likely dates from the tenth century when moats were thought to have been dug as a defence against the Vikings who raided the Suffolk area. The key represents the keys of Saint Peter – the keys of heaven. Artwork often depicts Saint Peter holding a key or set of keys. The iconic oval shape of our signature 500ml bottle is based on an eighteenth century gin bottle from Gibbstown, by the Delaware River near Philadelphia.

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