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Using Floor Malted Barley

By: Dark Rock Brewing Team

Home brew beer and wine-making experts
Floor malted grains

What is malted barley (Malt)?

At its most basic – malted barley or malt as it’s commonly called is barley grain that has been soaked in water and allowed to germinate, it’s then dried and roasted to get a distinct rich flavour that we all instantly recognise in complex beers. The malting process allows some of the starches in the grain to be turned into sugars that can more easily be used by yeast – creating an all-around perfect sugar for beer making.

Floor Malted barley = Superior flavour

As a British home brewer, you have access to some of the best malts in the world, including British floor-malted barley such as Warminster Malt and Crisp Heritage Malt. Here are some reasons why you should consider using these malts in your beer recipes.

British floor-malted barley is known for its unique flavour profile. The traditional floor-malting process produces malts with a rich, nutty, and slightly sweet flavour that is distinctively British. Using these malts in your recipes can add depth and complexity to your beer, making it stand out from other styles.

Quality and Consistency

British floor-malted barley is produced using traditional methods that have been perfected over generations. These methods ensure that the malts are of the highest quality and consistent from batch to batch. As a home brewer, you can rely on these malts to produce excellent results every time.


Many British malt houses that produce floor-malted barley prioritise sustainable farming practices. They work closely with local farmers to source barley that is grown using environmentally friendly and ethical farming methods. By using British floor-malted barley in your beer recipes, you’re supporting these small businesses and helping to promote sustainable agriculture.

Historical Significance

Using British floor-malted barley in your beer recipes connects you to a long and rich brewing tradition. Floor-malting has been a part of British brewing for centuries, and using these malts can give your beer a sense of history and tradition.


British floor-malted barley is suitable for a wide range of beer styles, from English bitters and stouts to American IPAs and Belgian ales. Whether you’re a traditionalist or an experimental brewer, these malts can provide the foundation for your recipes and help you create unique and delicious beers.

British home brewers should consider using floor-malted barley such as Warminster Malt and Crisp Heritage Malt in their beer recipes. These malts offer superior flavour, quality and consistency, sustainability, historical significance, and versatility. They are a key ingredient in many iconic British beer styles and can help you create unique and delicious beers that reflect the rich brewing tradition of the UK.

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