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What is Pure Brew?

By: Dark Rock Brewing Team

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Pure brew

Pure Brew® from Harris Homecraft is a two-in-one water treatment and yeast nutrient that ensures your brew has a clean, crisp flavour.

It’s a great addition to the brewer’s toolkit. And it doesn’t matter if you’re brewing beer, wine or cider.

It comes in a pack of five treatments for £3.50* and works out to less than £1 a brew.

Trust us when we say: with the price AND results you get – Pure Brew® is a game-changer.

Unwanted phenol flavours / the “homebrew” taste

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably discovered the problem of unwanted phenol flavours created by mixing yeast with the Chloramine and Chlorine found in tap water (and some bottled water). You might have heard it called the dreaded “Homebrew taste”.

Pure Brew® is the first, and only product that will get rid of that “homebrew taste” once and for all.

Removing Chloramine and Chlorine from tap water

Pure Brew’s® first action is to eliminate both chlorine and chloramine from the water, breaking it down into harmless chemicals that don’t affect the flavour of your brew.

An added yeast nutrient

Pure Brew’s® second action is to support the yeast to do its job. It’s a carefully balanced blend of everything yeast needs to thrive, even in restricted oxygen conditions.

It’s so easy, it’s silly!

If you’re worried that it’s a complicated step to get your water treated – it’s as easy as crushing a tablet and mixing in a spoonful of powder before you add your yeast.

That’s it. No test strips, no boiling… just some stirring.

And the result?

Clean, commercial quality flavours – whatever you’re brewing.

*Prices correct at time of posting.

2 thoughts on “What is Pure Brew?”

  1. I have recently brewed a stout and an American Porter, and both have poor head retention. When I first pour the beer, there is a good head, but the head quickly dies. I’m wondering if Pure Brew or another addition would help with this problem. Just to add, I haven’t had poor head retention with any of my brews other than these two dark beers.

    • Hi David, Pure Brew is a yeast nutrient and water treatment sachet that we would recommend using to improve the taste of any home brewed beer. It will not provide any benefit for beer head retention. We would recommend that you use Harris Heads Up for this.


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