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Woodfordes Wherry

Muntons Plc manufactures Woodfordes beer kits in collaboration with Woodforde’s brewery. Their original grist formulation to accurately emulate the individual character of the Woodforde’s commercial beers. This allows the brewer to make kits like Wherry and Nog.

After many years of home-brewing, good friends Ray Ashworth and Dr David Crease founded the Woodfordes brewery in Drayton. Utilizing equipment from the nearby region, including that from the Bass Experimental Brewery in Burton-on-Trent, was essential to the process. Colman’s of Norwich provided lemon juice vessels that were repurposed into fermenting tanks. The first brew of 4 barrels took place on 5th April, and Wherry Bitter was born.

With increased demand came a need for even more space, as Wherry Bitter became the region’s most popular cask ale. The brewery moved to their forever home at the heart of the Norfolk Broads on the Woodbastwick Estate. The very first brew at the newly named “Broadland Brewery” was Nelson’s Revenge in the October of 1989.

In 1992 Woodfordes won the highest accolade in British Beer from CAMRA at the Great British Beer Festival, as Norfolk Nog won the “Champion Old Ale of Britain” and went on to be awarded “Supreme Champion Beer of Britain.

1996 saw more milestones. “Wherry” earned the honour of “Supreme Champion Beer of Britain,” distinguishing it as one of only four British breweries to achieve this title twice. This led to increased demand once again and annual production exceeded 5,000 barrels for the first time, as well as launching the range of Home Brew Kits, with Wherry still being the best-selling beer kit in the UK today.

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