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Coopers DIY Beer Kits

Coopers Beer Kits have a long heritage. Thomas Cooper used an old family recipe to brew his first batch of ale back in 1862, it would be fair to describe him as a novice craft brewer. Apparently he’d only intended it to be a tonic for his sick wife, but the resulting ale was so flavoursome that friends and neighbours soon came to appreciate it for more than just its ‘restorative’ properties. As demand for his naturally conditioned ales grew throughout the fledgling colony of South Australia, Thomas Cooper’s growing passion for brewing soon became his profession.

Before Thomas passed away, he handed over the reigns of the brewery to four of his sons. This began a proud family tradition that has continued in an unbroken chain of generations for more than 150 years. While we’re still using Thomas Cooper’s original recipe, successive generations of Coopers have made improvements along the way. Coopers still produce commercial beer today.

In the early ’70s, Coopers started producing DIY beer kits as legislation allowed homebrewing. Initial kits were 20-litre “bag in a box” wort packs, with brewing taking place in the bag. In 1982 Coopers introduced a low temperature evaporation method that allowed them to gently concentrate the wort. This reduced the size and weight of the package and allowed them to expand sales of their Beer kits. The company sent beer kits to retailers across Australia and initiated exports, starting with Sweden and North America.

Today Coopers is the worlds number one selling brand of DIY Beer extracts. It exports to over 26 countries across the globe.

We stock both the Original Series and International Series kits. The Original Series have standard kits which includes classics like Real Ale, Lager and Dark Ale. The International Series includes beers styles from around the world, like English Bitter, European Lager and Mexican Cerveza.

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