Geordie Beer Kits – Homebrew 40 pint kits

Geordie Beer Kits

Geordie Beer Kits have been available since the very early days of homebrew beer kits. This brand is one of the oldest and most recognised kits available today. Geordie kits launched in the early 1970’s, and have remained on sale throughout the time. The company producing these kits has changed hands several times since launch, with Muntons Plc now producing the famous brand.

You can trust a Geordie Pint – honest and reliable, consistent and rewarding. We pride ourselves on our ability to offer you the discerning home beer maker a great pint at a great value price.

Geordie beer kits come in a range of beer styles offering great beers at honest prices. From a smooth drinking Yorkshire style Bitter to a refreshing English Pub Lager the choice is yours. Go on, treat yourself today, you can trust a Geordie pint. Geordie Liquid Kits are the simplest way to brew. The wort – the liquor beer is brewed from – has already been prepared from malted barley and hops, then concentrated. You mix it with sugar and hot water, then add cold water to make up 40 pints and finally add the special brewing yeast from the sachet on the top of the can. The wort then ferments for about a week.

When fermentation stops, siphon off the brew into bottles or pressure barrel, give it ten days or so to mature and your perfect pint is ready for drinking.

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