100 Campden Tablets


An essential ingredient for all winemakers. Campden tablets preserve the wine during storage or kill wild yeast in winemaking.

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100 Campden Tablets

Campden TabletsCampden Tablets for use in winemaking to sanitize fruit must or to preserve wines/ciders. Simply crush and dose as per instructions on label. Approximately 100 tablets in a tamper proof and resealable tub. Contains sodium metabisulphite.

How do they work?

Brewers can halt the fermentation process in wine before all the available sugars are converted by the yeast and control the amount of sweetness in the final product by using Campden tablets. It is not true that Campden tablets cannot halt fermentation. However, adding enough Campden tablets to render the wine undrinkable would be necessary. Brewers can also use potassium sorbate in conjunction with Campden tablets to greatly reduce the yeast population and prevent it from reproducing. Without the addition of potassium sorbate, the yeast population will only be stunned and eventually repopulate if provided with enough fermentable sugars.

Campden tablets also aid to preserve the wine during storage. This will help the wine to stay in the best possible state.


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Campden Tablets
100 Campden Tablets