Dried Rose Petals (25g)


Dried flowers for when fresh is unavailable. You will not need as many dried ingredients to produce a wine.

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DrieDried Rose Petals (25g)d Rose Petals (25g)

The taste of rose is delicate and floral, often described as having a subtly sweet and slightly fruity flavor. It can vary based on the specific type of rose and how it’s used. Some people detect hints of citrus or berry-like notes in rose flavor.

Roses are commonly used in culinary applications, such as making rose water or incorporating petals into various dishes, desserts, and beverages, to add a fragrant and unique taste. It’s important to note that the taste of rose can be subjective, and individual palates may interpret it differently.

How to use

Sanitize Equipment: Thoroughly sanitize any equipment that will come into contact with the wine, such as containers, utensils, and bottles.

Calculate Quantity: Consider the intensity of the rose flavor you desire. Start with a small amount, such as 1-2 teaspoons of dried rose petals per gallon of wine. Adjust based on taste preferences.

Prepare Petals: If the rose petals are large or whole, you may want to crush them slightly to release more flavor. However, avoid turning them into powder.

Add to Wine: Place the dried rose petals directly into the wine. If you’re working with a large batch, consider using a sanitized mesh bag or cheesecloth to contain the petals, making removal easier later.

Steeping Time: Allow the wine to steep with the rose petals. Start with a short duration, like 24 hours, and then taste the wine. Extend the steeping time if a stronger rose flavor is desired.

Taste Testing: Regularly taste the wine to monitor the flavor development. Once the desired rose essence is achieved, remove the petals.

Strain and Bottle: If you used a mesh bag or cheesecloth, remove it, ensuring all petals are strained out. Transfer the wine to sanitized bottles.

Age if Necessary: Depending on the type of wine and its aging requirements, you may choose to let it age for a bit to allow the flavors to further meld.

Serve Chilled: Serve the rose-flavored wine chilled for a refreshing experience.

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