25 Champagne Cages


Use with the champagne stoppers to create a long-lasting, tight seal on bottles of champagne/ sparkling wine. Store the bottle upright.

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25 Champagne Cages

25 Champagne CagesA champagne cage, also known as a muselet, is a wire cage used to secure the cork on a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. This essential accessory plays a crucial role in maintaining the pressure within the bottle and preventing the cork from accidentally popping during storage or transport.


Putting on a champagne cage is a crucial step in sealing a bottle of champagne or sparkling wine. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to properly secure a champagne cage:

1 Prepare the Bottle:
Ensure that the bottle is filled with the sparkling wine, leaving enough space below the champagne stopper for the cage to fit. The bottleneck should be clean and dry.

2 Position the champagne stopper:
Place the champagne stopper in the center of the bottleneck, ensuring it is aligned and ready for sealing.

3 Position the Cage:
Hold the cage by the tab, usually found at the center of the cage, above the cork with one hand, ensuring that the wires are arranged symmetrically around the cork and the neck of the bottle.

4 Lower the Cage:
Lower the cage over the stopper, ensuring that the wires surround the champagne stopper evenly and securely. The goal is to create a tight fit to prevent the cork from popping prematurely.

5 Twist the Cage:
While holding the cage in place, twist the loop or tab in a clockwise direction to secure the wires tightly around the cork. Make sure the cage is snug but not overly tight.

6 Inspect the Seal:
After securing the cage, inspect the cork to ensure it is centered and fully covered by the wires. Confirm that the cage is securely fastened and will keep the champagne stopper in place.

7 Store Upright:
Once the cage is in place, store the bottle upright to allow the champagne stopper to remain moist and maintain a proper seal.

Remember that removing the champagne cage before opening the bottle is a separate process. To open the bottle, carefully untwist and remove the cage while keeping a firm grip on the stopper. Always point the bottle away from yourself and others to ensure safety during the opening process.

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25 Champagne Cages
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