30 Gold Shrink Capsules


Elevate your presentation effortlessly with a simple yet highly effective method, achieving professional standards with ease. Available in different colors.

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30 Gold Shrink Capsules

30 Gold Shrink CapsulesAvailable in different colors.

How to apply shrink tops

Applying shrink-top capsules to a wine bottle involves the following steps:

Prepare the Bottle Neck:

  • Ensure the bottleneck is clean and dry.
  • Remove any existing foil or packaging.

Select the Shrink Top Capsule:

  • Choose a shrink-top capsule that fits the neck of the wine bottle. Ensure it matches the bottle’s style and size.

Position the Capsule:

  • Slide the shrink-top capsule over the bottleneck. Make sure it sits evenly and covers the entire top of the bottle.

Heat Source:

  • Use a heat source like a heat gun or blow dryer to shrink the capsule. Ensure the heat is evenly applied to all parts of the capsule.

Rotate the Bottle:

  • Rotate the bottle to expose all sides of the capsule to the heat evenly. This helps in achieving a smooth shrink.

Monitor Shrinkage:

  • Keep a close eye on the shrinkage process. The capsule will start to tighten and conform to the bottleneck.

Cooling Period:

  • Allow the bottle to cool after the shrinkage process. This helps the capsule set securely in place.

Inspect the Seal:

  • Check that the shrink-top capsule has formed a tight seal around the bottleneck. Ensure there are no wrinkles or gaps.

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30 Gold Shrink Capsules
30 Gold Shrink Capsules