30 White Shrink Capsules


Using a White shrink top is a simple but very effective method to enhance appearance to professional standards.

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30 White Shrink Capsules

White Shrink TopCommercial wines normally have a plastic or foil capsule covering the cork. This enhances the appearance and protects the exposed top of the cork.

Using shrink tops is very easy taking only a few minutes to complete several bottles and certainly adds a superior appearance that can surprise your friends.

  1. Place the capsule over the top of the bottle, pressing down firmly with your fingers.
  2. With care, apply steam from a boiling kettle at the time of rotating the bottle slowly, using a knife to keep the end of the capsule in position whilst steaming. You will find that the seal will quickly shrink smoothly around the bottle to give a professional finish.

Available in different colours.


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White Shrink Top
30 White Shrink Capsules