Crown Capping Machine (Hammer type)


A simple Hammer Capper for crown caps. For use with industry standard 26mm crown caps. Colour may differ from picture shown.

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Crown Capping Machine (Hammer type)Crown Capping Machine (Hammer type)

The simplest way to fix crown caps to glass beer bottles. Colour may differ from picture shown.

How do you use the Hammer Capper?

  • Place a crown cap on your beer bottle
  • Put the Capping Machine over the crown cap and ensure it is level with the bottle
  • Using a hammer, strike the Capper firmly
  • Lift the capper off to reveal the sealed bottle

Can you break bottles?

Due to the nature of the capping machine, you may damage a few bottles when in use. Always try to keep the capper level with the bottle top, and hit the metal capper in the middle with an even pressure. If the machine is not level, you can put more pressure on one side of the bottle and may weaken or damage the glass. Also do not go heavy handed and strike it too hard. You want enough force to push the capper down over the caps to bend the edges to seal around the bottle, not smash the bottle to tiny pieces.

Are there other types of capper?

Yes, we stock a 2-handed capper and a bench capper.

Can I use any crown cap?

These cappers are designed to use the standard 26mm crown caps. All our caps are 26mm and we stock a variety of colours to help colour code your batches.

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Crown Capping Machine (Hammer type)
Crown Capping Machine (Hammer type)