Dark Rock Beer Kit Enhancer – Milk Stout


Milk Stout Beer Kit Enhancer has been carefully designed to be used with stout kits to convert a stout beer kit into a milk stout.

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Dark Rock Beer Kit Enhancer – Milk Stout

Dark Rock Beer Kit Enhancer - Milk StoutDesigners have carefully crafted Dark Rock Beer Kit Enhancers for use with beer kits as a superior alternative to brewing sugar. With the specific aim of achieving a premium quality lager, we have designed this Milk Stout enhancer. It is capable of enhancing any stout kit into a premium sweet stout.


The beer kit enhancer includes a perfect blend of premium dried extra light malt extract, dextrose, lactose and a sachet of Pure Brew (yeast nutrient and water treatment). We have carefully formulated it to:

  • Condition brewing water
  • Boost fermentation
  • Improve body & head-retention
  • Enhance flavour & mouthfeel


Yes. This is a direct replacement for 1kg sugar. This is the precise amount of what most homebrew beer kits require to make them.


Each particular style of beer has a beer kit enhancer that perfectly matches that particular style.

  • Pale Ale – For use in light coloured beers like IPA, Pale Ale, Golden Ale. This enhancer can be utilized in any type of beer, ranging from lager to stout.
  • Lager – Using a blend of extra light dried malt extract, this enhancer adds the least colour to a beer. Perfect for extra light beers like lager and pilsner.
  • Amber – This enhancer is suitable for use in medium-coloured beers, including but not limited to Bitter, Red Ale, Barley Wine, and Scottish Heavy.
  • Dark – Blended to use the darker malt extract. This enhancer contributes additional colour to the beer, making it an ideal choice for dark beers such as Stout, Porter, Dark Ale, Mild, and so on.
  • Milk Stout – A special enhancer that also includes lactose to make a sweet stout – like a milk stout. This adds extra sweetness as well as darker colour. If you want to make a dry stout, we suggest you use the Dark Beer Kit Enhancer.

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Dark Rock Beer Kit Enhancer - Milk Stout
Dark Rock Beer Kit Enhancer – Milk Stout