Brew Fizz Carbonation Drops


Carbonation Drops are a convenient alternative to priming sugar, they dissolve quickly without the need for inverting or shaking the bottle.

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Brew Fizz Carbonation Drops

Carbonation/priming drops are a convenient way to carbonate your brew after bottling to aid the start of secondary fermentation.

We highly recommend these drops, handcrafted in the UK, perfect for priming UK size bottles

Why use priming drops instead of sugar?

There are several benefits:

  • Accurate Dosage
  • Dissolve quickly
  • Conveniently fit bottlenecks
  • No Mess
  • No Waste
  • Easy To Use

Made In The UK

Great brews without the fuss!

Guideline dosage:

Light carbonation 1 drop per 500ml bottle
Standard dosage 2 drops per 500ml bottle
Increased carbonation (lagers and ciders etc) maximum 3 drops per 500ml bottle

Approx: 85 pieces

Are they suitable for all beer styles and how many do I use for UK style bottles?

Carbonation Drops can be used in any brand and any style of beer, lager stout or cider. The drops are generally used at a rate of 2 per 500ml bottle for medium carbonation, however you can alter this to suit your personal preference, if you would like a low level of carbonation you could use just one per 500ml bottle, or for a more lively result if more fizz is wanted, you could use up to a maximum of 3 drops per 500ml bottle.

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Brew Fizz Carbonation Drops