Dried Root Ginger – 25g


More pungent than fresh, can be used as a pair with rhubarb and added to gin for a fresh flavour or used for a powerful ginger beer.


Dried Root Ginger – (25g)

Ginger is a popular Asian spice used in all manner of cookery and as a digestive aid throughout the world.

More pungent than fresh, can be used as a dry hop to add a kick to any ale or boiled for about 15 minutes and then left to steep. This ginger liquor can then be added at bottling or kegging to make a powerful ginger beer.

From adding zing to curries and stir-fries to adding a sweet spicy kick to sweeter foods ginger is one of the most used spices in the world. It has a strong, pungent flavour and is delicious in cakes and cookies.

This spice comes from the root of the plant and is cut for ease of use and to save you time in the kitchen. It is an essential for any store cupboard.

Our Ginger is steam sterilised to ensure maximum flavour and freshness

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Dried Root Ginger – 25g