Dry Hopper – Stainless Steel


300 micron stainless steel dry hopper cage, allows easy infusion of hops without the mess. Perfect for dry hopping beers without the mess.


Dry Hopper

The Dry Hopper filter is made of 100% 304 Stainless Steel with an outside top hook. It can hold your hops, the lid is crewed in place and it can be added direct to the fermenter or keg for dry hopping.


Height: 175mm (7″)
Width: 70mm (2.75″)


  • Made from stainless steel, lightweight and durable resistance
  • The stainless steel Dry Hopper filter does not absorb any of the hop oils from your beer.
  • The Dry Hopper filters leaf hops/pellet hops to reduce hop residue in the boil or from dry hopping. That can make the beer/drinks taste better.
  • The Dry Hopper is an awesome addition to your home brewing equipment, better than the mesh bags. You can hang this on the side of the brew kettle during the boil or during dry hopping during fermentation.
  • Turn the Dry Hopper filter upside down and spray the mesh strainer from the outside to rinse away the remaining residue. Cleans very quickly and easily in the sink and simple to store for next reuse.

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Dry Hopper – Stainless Steel