Grainfather Wortometer


For use with the Grainfather to see the temperature of the wort coming out the chiller.


What is the Wortometer?

It is a simple device used in conjunction with the Grainfather Connect Control Box thermometer, for accurate control of your wort transfer temperature through the Grainfather Counter Flow Chiller.

How do you set it up?

The Grainfather Wortometer can be used in conjunction with the temperature probe found on your Grainfather Control Box, to read the temperature of liquids. Although it’s use can be adapted to your situation, a common use would be to measure the temperature of your wort at the end of your brew as you chill it using the Grainfather Counter Flow Wort Chiller.

1. Ensure the counter flow wort chiller has been setup correctly as per the Grainfather instructions. Do not turn the tap on connected to the cooling water hose yet.
2. Ensure both the Wortometer and chiller hose are clean.
3. Instead of inserting the chiller’s wort outlet hose back into the Grainfather through the hole in the centre of the Grainfather lid, connect it to any side of the Wortometer.
4. Connect the free side of the Wortometer to a 8 mm (0.3″) inner diameter silicon hose of at least 1 m (39″) length, then insert the other end of this hose into the Grainfather through the hole in the centre of the Grainfather lid.
5. Remove the temperature probe from the Grainfather boiler body, then insert it all the way into the WortOmeter thermowell. The short silicon hose section should already be fitted over the outer part of the thermowell. It should grip onto the probe and keep it from falling out of the Wortometer during operation.

How do you use the Wortometer?

1. Make sure the silicon hose has been inserted into the top of the Grainfather’s lid. Once assembled correctly as per the previous instructions, keep the cold water source tap off, then press the ‘pump’ button on the Grainfather Connect controller.
2. After roughly 2 minutes, the chiller and temperature reader would have been sanitised. Turn the tap that is connected to the chiller water inlet on. By a rough estimation adjust the tap flow rate to 1.5 to 2.5 L/min (0.4 – 0.6 US Gal/min). You can check this prior to turning on the tap by filling a measuring jug. The temperature reading on the Grainfather Controller should begin to drop. After approximately 2 minutes more, the temperature reading should have stabilised.
3. The wort outlet temperature (read from the Grainfather Controller) should ideally be as close to the desired fermentation temperature as possible (generally below 18°C (64°F)). If the temperature reading is too high (above approximately 28°C (82°F)) adjust the tap to achieve a greater water flow rate. It may take up to two minutes for the wort outlet temperature to re-stabilise at a lower temperature. If the temperature is still too high, you may further increase the water flow rate further*.
4. Once the temperature reading has stabilised low enough, you are ready to begin transferring the wort into your sanitised fermenter. Press the ‘pump’ button on the Connect controller to turn off the pump. Take the wort outlet hose and insert it into your fermenter. Take care to have your fermenter situated close to the Grainfather for this step because the length of the temperature probe cable limits its maximum distance from the Grainfather. Press the ‘pump’ button again to begin the transfer of wort.

*The lowest achievable wort outlet temperature will depend on how low your water inlet temperature is. For example, if your water temperature is 27°C (80°F) then regardless of how great your water flow rate is, the wort outlet temperature may not drop below 31°C (88°F).

What is it made from?

The Wortometer is made from copper and is covered in a nickel coating. 

How do you clean the Wortometer?

It is important to make sure the Wortometer is cleaned thoroughly first using a cleaner that is suitable for soft metals such as the Grainfather High Performance Cleaner and then sanitised before use. This will avoid contamination of your wort from previous use or substances used in the manufacturing process. NOTE: The Wortometer is made from copper and is covered in a nickel coating. Using abrasive cleaning utensils, such as a scourer sponge (the rough side of a sponge) may damage the surface finish of the product.

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Grainfather Wortometer
Grainfather Wortometer