Keg King Ultra Tap Twist


Experience the ultimate in flow control convenience with the innovative tap handle design from Keg King.

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Keg King Ultra Tap Twist

Keg King Ultra Tap TwistUltratap Twist from Keg King takes their innovative Ultratap design with laminar flow, and provides a flow control feature that can be operated with one hand directly on the tap handle.

When pouring small glasses for paddles, samples or small serves, or simply to control the flow on lively beers, the Ultratap Twist enables precise flow control without making a mess.

Many taps on the market have a flow control mechanism, however, with the Ultratap Twist, this is built into the handle, meaning you can pour and control the flow with one hand, whilst holding your glass with the other.

Simply turn the handle clockwise or counter clockwise to increase or decrease the flow rate.

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Keg King Ultra Tap Twist
Keg King Ultra Tap Twist