Light Belgian Candi Sugar – 500g


Light Belgian Candi sugar is commonly used in stronger Belgian beers, particularly in beers such as blonde and stong golden ales.

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Light Belgian Candi Sugar

Light Belgian Candi Sugar (500g)

Specialists designed Belgian candi sugar to raise the beer’s alcohol content without unnecessarily stressing the yeast or producing unwanted body characteristics. The process of crystallisation inverts the sugar syrup, which contains a mixture of fructose and glucose.


  1. Increase Alcohol Content: Belgian candi sugar is used to increase the alcohol content of beer without adding extra body. Fructose and glucose, which are present in Belgian candi sugar, are more easily fermentable by yeast than sucrose. This allows for a higher alcohol yield during fermentation.
  2. Streamline Fermentation: Using Belgian candi sugar eliminates the need for yeast to produce invertase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down sucrose into its component sugars. By providing fructose and glucose directly, brewers can streamline the fermentation process.
  3. Flavour and Colour: Lighter candi sugars have a clean and sweet taste. They can also help to lighten the body of a beer, and increase the alcohol content.


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