Dark Belgian Candi Sugar – 500g


Belgian Dark Candi Sugar is a caramelized, crystallized sugar. it will enhance the beer’s alcohol content, colour, and flavour.

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Dark Belgian Candi Sugar

Dark Belgian Candi Sugar (500g)Specialists designed Belgian candi sugar to raise the beer’s alcohol content without unnecessarily stressing the yeast or producing unwanted body characteristics. The process of crystallisation inverts the sugar syrup, which contains a mixture of fructose and glucose.

Candi sugar can also be used as priming sugar.

Why use Dark Candi Sugar?

Brewers use Belgian dark candi sugar in beer making for several reasons:
  1. Increase Alcohol Content: Belgian candi sugar is more easily fermentable by yeast than sucrose, allowing for a higher alcohol yield during fermentation. This means brewers can achieve a higher alcohol content in their beer without making it overly sweet or heavy.
  2. Flavour and Colour: You can use darker, caramelized candi sugars to add colour and distinct flavours to your beers. Dark candi sugars can impart flavours of caramel and toffee to the beer. These flavours add depth and richness to the brew, enhancing its overall taste profile.
  3. Body and Texture: The use of Belgian candi sugar can help to lighten the body of a beer, create a richer mouthfeel, and improve head retention.
  4. Efficiency: Using Belgian candi sugar eliminates the need for yeast to produce invertase, an enzyme responsible for breaking down sucrose into its component sugars. By providing fructose and glucose directly, brewers can streamline the fermentation process.

In summary, Belgian dark candi sugar is a valuable ingredient in the brewing world due to its ability to boost alcohol content without adding extra body, its range of flavour options, and its contribution to the efficiency of the brewing process.

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