Metal 5 Litre Mini Keg


5L Mini Kegs: perfect for home-brewed beer & cider. Optimal venting, prolonged freshness & easy sharing at parties & BBQs.

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Metal 5L Mini Keg

5l mini kegThe 5L Mini Kegs are an excellent choice for home-brewed beverages, offering an optimal venting mechanism for smooth pouring and prolonged freshness. These kegs, along with numerous other features, outshine alternative packaging options for home-brewed Beer and Cider, and are perfect for sharing your homemade beer or cider with friends and family at parties and BBQ’s.

Providing a superior packaging solution for homemade Beer and Cider compared to traditional glass bottles, ring pull cans, growlers, polypins, mini-pins, and bag-in-box alternatives. Metal construction ensures an unparalleled oxygen barrier and perpetual recyclability, perfectly preserving the craft and flavour of your creations.

Are they re-useable

These kegs are usually sold to breweries as a use once keg for beer. This is what the manufacturer has stated: “The kegs are not officially classed as reusable.  Mainly on the basis that it’s hard to wash out and sterilise a keg to re-use, with the intricate parts of the spout etc. While also, the top-plug is designed to go in, but not be easily removed. This avoids leaking and maintaining a keg that can keep pressurised.” 

With careful prying of the top bung, and thorough sanitising with a no-rinse solution like Suresan or Chemsan, the kegs will be able to be re-used. Obviously with commercial breweries, they will not have the time to do this so they never re-use them.


Simply remove the plastic packing plug from the top and fill your keg with beer. Add priming sugar (around 15g) and push in the bung all the way to ensure a good tight fit. Leave the keg in a warm place for 5 days to generate pressure, before moving the keg to a cooler place for maturing and serving.


If the keg has not been used before, pull the plastic tamper evident tap lever down to break the seal, then pull the tap out. Slowly twist the tap to allow the contents to flow. Turn the tap again to stop the flow. The tap can be pushed back inside if needed. If you run out of pressure, you can vent the bung to allow air in the keg to tap the contents. Lift the tab at the back of the bung to form a handle, then turn it anti-clockwise until the small marker is pointing to the 1 marking. Please keep in mind that the contents will start to spoil after 4-5 days. Please see the video below. To re-use the bung again, remember to tyurn the vent back to the ) marking by turning it clockwise.


Carefully vent all pressure from the keg using the top bung. Carefully pry off the top bung until it is completely removed. Empty any remaining liquid and swill the can several times with water to remove all remaining contents. Turn upside down to completely dry before storing away. When you come to use the kegs again, use a no-rinse sanitiser to ensure that the equipment has been sanitised. We recommend that you swill the can out afterwards with water a few times before filling.

Always push the bung in fully to make a good pressure seal. If you damage the seal, spare ones are available.

Key features include:

– Re-closable top plug valve
– Pull-out and twist pouring tap
– Integrated tamper-evident seal in the tap
– User-friendly instructions printed on each keg
– Optional injection-moulded carry handle
– No sealing equipment necessary, plugs are push-fit
– Capable of withstanding up to 4 bar (58 psi) of internal pressure
– Suitable for both carbonated and non-carbonated homemade beverages
– Widely recyclable, with metal being infinitely recyclable

Optional Extras

  • Plastic handle. This snaps on the top of the keg and allows easy carrying.
  • Bung. A spare bung to replace any damaged bungs. This is a push in fit and seals to keep the gas in.

The keg is made from tin lined plate steel.


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