Muslin Bag


A simple muslin bag. Can be used for straining pulp in country wines or for use as a hop bag. Once used then discard the bag.

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Muslin BagMuslin Bag

A simple disposable bag that can be used for grains, hops or botanicals or for straining fruit in winemaking.

How do you use the Muslin bag?

This is like a sock bag. The top opens out to reveal a large bag that can hold a large quantity of ingredients.

Stretch the opened bag over a funnel, place the funnel on top of a receiving jar and pour the liquid through. The bag will keep back the pulp and debris. If making 22.5 litres (5 gallons) of wine, you may need 3-4 bags.

Open the bag and place the grains inside and tie the bag in a knot at the top.

Open the bag and place the hops inside and tie the bag shut. The hops can then either be dropped in the boil or added to the fermenter. As the bag is light, sometimes this will float on top of the liquid.

Can these be re-used?

These are intended to be used once and then thrown away. You could try washing them and then thoroughly drying, but the effort and trouble may not be worth the price that is costs.

Can this be used for mashing grains?

Although the bag will withstand the temperatures for mashing, the small size will mean that you would not really be able to make beer this way. We do sell a special re-useable BIAB Bag designed for mashing. You can also use it for straining. It is large enough to go over the fermenting bucket or boiler and has a drawstring.

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Muslin Bag
Muslin Bag