Optic Cork – Dark Rock


A spare rubber optic cork, ideal for replacing old worn corks. It preserves the freshness and flavour of your beverages.

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Optic CorkOptic Cork

Over time as you replace bottles, the cork eventually wears out. This is a rubber replacement that will last longer. Made from non-toxic material, this is a perfect replacement optic cork.

Our Optic Cork is a sophisticated and functional accessory designed to enhance your pouring experience. Crafted with precision and style, this cork seamlessly fits into bottles, ensuring a secure and airtight seal for your premium liquids.

The sleek design not only adds an elegant touch to your bottle but also serves a practical purpose by preserving the freshness and flavor of your beverages. Elevate your presentation and pour with confidence using our Optic Cork—a perfect blend of form and function for those who appreciate the finer details in every sip.

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Optic Cork
Optic Cork – Dark Rock