Vinbrite Filter Support


Allows the Vinbrite to filter directly into any bucket or fermenter. Angled channel reduces risk of oxidation. Made from high-grade stainless steel.

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Vinbrite Filter SupportVinbrite Filter Support

The Vinbrite Filter Support is made from high-grade stainless steel and is designed so that the Vinbrite Filter Kit will work with virtually any container. As more winemakers are fermenting in buckets with a grommet fitted to the lid, the Vinbrite will not fit these types of fermenters as it needs a larger hole in the lid to allow the filter to rest on.

This Support will enable the Vinbrite to filter into any opentopped bucket. The Lip clips to the outside, and is held in place by the Flow Channel resting against the inside of the fermenter. The Flow Channel can be bent so that it touches the side of the container and has a shallow groove, which directs the flow of wine down the channel to the side of the fermenter, which runs to the bottom. This also helps avoid splashing and helps prevent oxidation issues.

There is a nylon grommet in the hold to hold the filter firmly and also prevents any damage to your filter kit. This can be removed if needed if used on other types of filter kits.

See the Support in operation:

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Vinbrite Filter Support
Vinbrite Filter Support