Washer for Swing Top (Grolsch) type bottles


A spare washer for use on swing-top bottles. Our washers are dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean and sanitize between uses.

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Washer for Swing Top (Grolsch) type bottles

Washer for Swing Top (Grolsch) type bottlesA replacement silicone washer for swing-top closure bottles, like Grolsch type bottles.

What are the measurements?

The overall diameter is 24mm. The hole is 6mm. The thickness is 2mm,

How often should you replace washers?

It is hard to give exact timing, however if the washer starts showing signs of marking or is becoming hard, it is best to replace it. Periodically change washers to ensure a good seal.

Are they easy to replace?

Yes. Just pull the old washer off the swing top, you may be able to do this by hand or you may need pliers. The new washer is simply pushed on the swing top ensuring it goes all the way down. If it is a little tight, try soaking the washer in warm water for a few minutes to help it stretch more easily.

Is the material safe?

Yes, we only supply food safe material.

Additional information

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Washer for Swing Top (Grolsch) type bottles
Washer for Swing Top (Grolsch) type bottles