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Still Spirits

In the early 90s, Still Spirits sprang to life in a small homebrewing store in Wellington, New Zealand. The founder saw that beer makers were wanting to explore spirits too, so he started providing what they needed to get started.

Decades later, they have grown their reputation, their knowledge, and their product range. Still Spirits is the world leader in still technology, distilling products, and spirit flavourings. As spirit makers, they we love that there are people who share their passion for distilling. And they are proud of how far they have travelled — currently the Still Spirits range is distributed in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Europe and South Africa.

Thanks to their scientists, lab technicians, and product development team, they are always leading the way with new innovations. With their world-class home distilling equipment, ingredients, yeasts, and flavourings, you can make your own exceptional spirits at home.

Almost any alcohol-based drink is possible with Still Spirits recipes and ingredients. You can make what you want, your way, modifying alcohol content and experimenting with additional aromas and taste profiles.

We stock the full range of yeasts (like Pure), flavours, base packs and stills.

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