British Hop Blend


A 100g blend of premium British hop pellets, ready to infuse your brew with the modern, aromatic flavours used in British ales.


British Hop Blend

Each box contains a generous 100g blend of premium English hop pellets, ready to infuse your brew with the aromatic flavours used in modern British ales. We have also included a complimentary hop T-bag for easy addition during your brewing process, ensuring maximum flavour extraction and minimal mess. Experiment by either adding at the end of the boil or as a dry hop towards the end of fermentation in your extract or all grain recipe.

British Hops

British hops are experiencing a renaissance, with varieties such as Harlequin, Olicana, Jester, Mystic, and Godiva leading the charge. In recent years, a resurgence in British hop growing has sparked a quiet but significant movement across the countryside. Kent, Herefordshire, and Worcestershire, once the heartlands of hop cultivation, are witnessing a revival driven by craft brewing and sustainability. Modern varieties developed by Charles Farams Hop Development program such as Harlequin, Olicana, Jester, Mystic, and Godiva are leading the charge, offering brewers unique flavors and aromas. The revival of British hop cultivation is not just a return to tradition, it’s a renaissance of innovation. Small-scale growers, inspired by a passion for quality and sustainability, are experimenting with diverse cultivation techniques and unique hop varieties. This commitment to excellence is reshaping the landscape of British hops, offering brewers an array of options to craft distinctive and memorable beers. As this movement continues to gain momentum, we’re proud to support local growers and showcase the rich flavors of British hops, celebrating both tradition and innovation in every sip.

Hop Varieties

Harlequin – Known for its complex blend of floral, fruity, and spicy notes, Harlequin hops add a vibrant and dynamic character to any brew.

Olicana – With tropical fruit and citrus flavors reminiscent of New World hops, Olicana hops bring a refreshing twist to traditional British brewing.

Jester – Jester hops delight the palate with vibrant citrus and blackcurrant undertones, adding a playful and lively dimension to beer recipes.

Godiva – Named after the legendary Lady Godiva, Godiva hops enchant with delicate floral aromas and subtle spice, imparting a touch of elegance to brews.

Mystic – Mystic hops captivate with their herbal and earthy character, offering a unique and enigmatic flavor profile that intrigues and delights discerning beer enthusiasts.

Whether you’re crafting a classic bitter, a golden or pale ale, our British Hop Blend is your gateway to unlocking the rich heritage and diverse flavours of Britain’s hop-growing regions in every brew!

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British Hop Blend