Organic Cocoa Nibs – 100g


Cocoa Nibs can be used in the mash, boil or for dry nibbing adding chocolate flavour to a beer. This is perfect for turning a stout into a chocolate stout.

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Organic Cocoa Nibs – 100g

Indulge your senses with our premium cocoa nibs. Sourced from the finest cacao beans, these roasted nibs boast a rich, intense chocolate flavour with subtle nutty undertones. Perfect for culinary creations, home brewing, or as a wholesome snack. Elevate your recipes with the natural decadence of our high-quality cocoa nibs.

Cocoa nibs are the most raw version of the cocoa bean readily available. They have had very little processing and nothing added.

Cocoa Nibs can be used in the mash, boil, or for “dry nibbing” adding both chocolate flavour and aroma to a beer. This is perfect for turning a standard stout into a chocolate stout.

Infuse your brew with the luxurious essence of cocoa nibs. Crushed and added during fermentation, these premium nibs impart a deep, rich chocolate flavour, enhancing your beer with a velvety undertone. Elevate your brewing experience and craft a beverage that’s as indulgent as it is satisfying.

Cacao nibs taste earthy, somewhat acidic, deeply “chocolaty,” and generally quite bitter. But whether cacao nibs taste good depends on your sensitivity to bitterness and the quality of the cacao, with higher-quality nibs usually being less bitter and acidic.

How are cacao nibs different from chocolate?

Cacao nibs are a less processed but markedly less sweet version of dark chocolate. Because they contain no sugar, which both sweetens and softens the impact of cacao’s flavour, cocoa nibs will taste sharper and probably less appetizing than their enticing aroma might suggest.

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Organic Cocoa Nibs – 100g