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Dark Rock Heating Pad With Thermostatic Controller


A heat pad that can heat a fermenter/bucket. Just plug it in and stand the fermenter on top attach the temperature probe to the side of your fermenter and regulate the temperature using the thermostatic controller.

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The Dark Rock Heating Mat (or heating pad) can hold a 5 gallon fermenter, it is 30cm diameter. This model includes a thermostatic controller, temperature probe and LCD thermometer so you can monitor and regulate the temperature of your brew throughout the fermentation.

How Do You Use The Heating Mat?

The Heating Mat is simply plugged in the mains and is placed on a floor or surface. The fermenters can then be placed on top of the heater. The heat will rise from the tray through the fermenter providing a gentle warmth to encourage successful fermentation. You can then attach the temperture probe and LCD thermometer strip to your fermenter, and monitor and regulate the temperature using the external thermostatic controller.

How Much Power Does The Heating Mat Consume?

The power output of the mat is 30 Watts, using 220/240V. It comes with a UK plug for a UK power supply only.

Are The Heating Trays Easy To Clean?

Yes, they are made from silicone, so they are easy to wipe clean and sanitise.


  1. Undo the ties on the power cord and the thermostatic probe and unwind the cables.
  2. Plug the Heating Pad into and electrical power supply and switch the power on.
  3. Attach the probe to the outside surface of the fermenter with an elastic band or tape.
  4. Press the top Power button on the controller to power the pad.
  5. Use the up and down arrows to achieve the desired temperature in the display.
  6. When the correct temperature is reached, press the SET button on the bottom of the controller – the display will flash three times to indicate the temperature has been set.
  7. When the probe reaches the desired temperature, the heating pad will turn off. If the temperature drops, the heating pad will power on again.

 To change between C and F, press the SET button when the display is not flashing.

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Dark Rock Heating Pad With Thermostatic Controller
Dark Rock Heating Pad With Thermostatic Controller