Festival Belgian Pale Ale – Extract Beer Kit


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Festival Belgian Pale Ale is a delicious pale gold coloured ale with a fluffy white head. It has a rich malty sweetness and a spicy yeast character.

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Festival Belgian Pale Ale

Festival Belgian Pale AleFestival Belgian Pale Ale is a high-quality premium 3kg beer kit. Everything you need to brew a superb Pale Ale is included in the box (except water).  Festival Belgian Pale Ale is a pale gold coloured beer with a white fluffy head. It has a rich malty sweetness and spicy yeast character, which creates a refreshing and satisfying ale. Styrian Goldings hops are used to provide a spicy aroma of cloves and bananas to balance the sweet malt character.

A 28g sachet of hop pellets is included so that a background hop aroma can be achieved.  A 150g sachet of priming sugar is provided to ensure bottles or barrels are properly conditioned.

Hop bitterness of the Belgian Pale Ale is 2.5 (on a scale of 1-5). The kit produces a target alcohol content of 5.5% ABV (approx). The Festival Belgian Pale Ale kit contains high-quality ingredients and easy to follow step-by-step instructions. Each kit makes 40 pints of premium ale.

What is Belgian Pale Ale?

Belgian pale ale has been brewed in one form or another since the mid-1700s, but the pale ale came into its own with the rise in popularity of German light beers. When brewing their pale ale, Belgian brewers used the palest malts they could find and Czech, Slovenian or German hops, but kept their own ale yeasts. As might be expected, the ale yeasts of Belgium created a beer with lots of pear and orange fruity esters along with the peppery phenols that Belgium beers are known for.

Belgian pale ales are clear amber to light copper colour. They have a thick head which clings to the glass. Malt flavours are toasty to biscuit-like and quite distinctive. They usually have some fruit character, though not on the same level as other Belgian ales. Fruit often presents itself with orange or pear characters. Hop profiles are low to mid-range, usually mild, with floral or spicy notes that complement the peppery/spicy yeast phenols.

What’s included?

  • 3kg Premium Liquid Malt Extract, Barley Extract ( Gluten)
  • 20g Genuine Brewer’s Belgian Ale Yeast Sachet
  • 28g Hop Pellets Addition: Styrian, Goldings
  • 500g Dextrose Brewing Sugar
  • 150g Priming Sugar

            Allergy Advice: May include barley and other cereals, containing gluten


  • Kit weight: 3.6kg
  • Makes: 40 pints / 5 gallons
  • ABV Approx: 5.5%
  • Target Finishing Gravity: 1.008 (approx)
  • Fermentation time: 7 days (approx)
  • Conditioning time: 4 weeks

What equipment do you need?

Basic beer making equipment (5g fermenter, airlock, syphon tube with sediment trap, hydrometer, Suresan sanitiser, bottles or barrel). These are available under the starter kit section on this website.

Food Pairing

In general terms, a light ale goes best with chicken or fish dishes and darker beers for richer dining. Light, white meat entrees, like roasted lemon rosemary chicken, and desserts are best with this beer. Don’t pair it with steak or sausage; the crisp, fruity flavour would probably clash.


We strongly recommend using Pure Brew with this kit in order to achieve a commercial quality. Pure Brew is a professional beer enhancer. It feeds the yeast with essential nutrients, which supercharge the fermentation and support yeast development (even in limited oxygen conditions). Pure Brew also treats brewing water to eliminate problems caused by Chlorine and Chloramine (which can create a medicinal or as it is sometimes referred to, a “homebrew” taste) The condition of brewing water is critical to achieving optimum results but this important area is often overlooked. By using Pure Brew, you can effectively and easily condition brewing water, and maximise effective fermentation.

The addition of beer finings will improve the final quality of your beer. Finings such as Harris Beer Brite will help your beer to clear quickly and the sediment will be more likely to stay at the bottom of bottles or barrels. If you are using Corny Kegs then it is important to clear the beer as much as possible before kegging. Beer Finings will promote a faster and more efficient fall out of sediment and haze particles prior to kegging. Harris Starbrite is a highly effective vegan-friendly beer fining, which is rapidly becoming a firm favourite with home brewers.

Additional information

Weight 3.6 kg

Beer strength

5.1% – 6%

Beer style

3 reviews for Festival Belgian Pale Ale – Extract Beer Kit

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 3 reviews)
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
14 August 2022

Like all the Festival range, this kit is a piece of cake to make. Add a genuine varietal yeast and fresh hops to the equation and you have a refreshing ale which is ideal for those hot summer nights.

Flavour-wise, it has hints of Blanche, Wit and Wheat and is supported by a mid to high level of carbonation to help quench your thirst.

No surprise then that I recommend it without hesitation.

The D
Rated 5.0 out of 5
16 April 2022

This was my first ever homebrewed beer. I haven’t found a better beer since! A fresh, lovely brew.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
19 January 2022

This is one of the best kits I have ever used, I have tried several other well known brands but not had such good results as with the Festival range. The 4 “special edition” kits (Belgian IPA, US Steam beer, Vienna beer and the New Zealand Pilsner) are all excellent but I prefer the Belgian style and this is my favourite. The malts are of excellent quality which you can tell when you open them and the bespoke hop pellets supplied with each kit are what make the difference producing a lovely flavour for each brew. One thing with the Festival kits is they require a good while of conditioning either in the bottle or the keg and you really don’t want to rush this process. Really the longer you can wait, the better the outcome. This kit when done properly will produce a soft yet rich flavour with a lovely golden colour and soft foamy head, if you are a home brewer and have never tried the Festival brand I recommend spending that little bit more for one of these kits, you will not be disappointed. I also used the Harris Pure Brew sachet which was a fantastic addition to my beer as it helped supercharge my yeast for the fermentation and it also produced a beer that would rival any commercial beer.



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