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Muntons Premium Lager


Muntons Premium Lager is a light and refreshing golden crisp beer which is similar to the popular lager style served in northern Europe.

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Muntons Premium Lager

Muntons Premium LagerMuntons Premium Lager is a light and refreshing golden crisp beer, similar to the popular lager style served in northern Europe.

Product Details

  • Weight (Kg): 1.5kg
  • Brewing Volume (L): 40 pints / 23 litres
  • ABV approx (% vol.): 4%
  • Colour: Golden
  • OG: 1036° to 1040°.

Additional Ingredients Required:

To make the Muntons Premium Lager, you will either need 1Kg Brewing Sugar, 1Kg Lager Beer Kit Enhancer (Preferred) or 1.2Kg Mangrove Jack’s Malt Extract. Later, you will also need sugar or carbonation drops to prime the keg or bottles for the secondary fermentation. We also advise using finings like Starbrite to ensure your lager clears quickly and the sediment sticks to the bottom on the bottle or keg.

Muntons Premium Beer Kits

The Muntons Premium range was developed for the original four kits in the early days of English home-brewing. Formulations for this range have purposely not been changed since they were first developed back in the early 1970′s – a tremendous heritage and a proven track record. The Premium range has been extended to include styles of beer from far reaches of the world. American Style Light, Canadian Style Beer, Scottish Style Heavy Ale, Old Ale and so on. The Premium range allows home beer makers to experience flavours from around the world in their own homes, enjoyably and economically.

Once again the Muntons Premium range is made entirely from 100% hopped malt extract with no inferior or cheap adjuncts such as barley syrup. There is one notable exception to this however – the American Style Light Beer. To emulate the light delicate character of this popular beer style it was necessary to include in the kit a percentage of liquid sugar. This is the only beer kit in the extensive Muntons ranges made from anything other than 100% hopped malt extract.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg
Beer strength

3% – 4%

Beer style



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Muntons Premium Lager
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