Tartaric Acid – for use in Wine and Cider


Tartaric Acid is the main acid present in ripe grapes and it plays a vital part in the maturing of wines. It reducees the pH value and provide tartness.

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Tartaric Acid

This acid is found naturally in many fruits, most notably grapes. Tartaric acid is used in the wine industry to reduce the pH value and provide tartness and helps to control the acidity of the wine and is considered as one of the strongest acids in wine. It also plays a crucial role in enhancing the taste, feel, and colour of wines.

If only tartaric acid is used, it will cause a slow fermentation. It can impart a harsh taste in young wine but is invaluable during maturation as it readily participates in esterification.

Chilling wine with excess tartaric acid will cause precipitation of cream of tartar as the acid is less soluble in alcohol. This is useful in reducing the acidity of a too acid wine.


We have tartaric acid available in 2 sizes – a standard 100g pot or a 1Kg bag.

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Tartaric Acid – for use in Wine and Cider