Muntons Beer Kits – Made in the UK


Muntons traces back to 1921, founded as a traditional maltster in Stowmarket, Suffolk, England. The company has a history of family ownership, with the Munton family playing a key role in its development.

After World War II, Muntons expanded its operations, embracing modern malting technologies to meet the growing demand for malted ingredients. Over the years, Muntons diversified its product offerings beyond traditional malts, expanding into malt extracts, malted ingredients, and homebrewing supplies.

Muntons evolved into a global player, supplying its products to breweries, distilleries, and food manufacturers around the world. The company has focused on innovation, introducing new malt and malt extract products to cater to the changing needs of the brewing and food industries.

Muntons has demonstrated a commitment to sustainability, implementing eco-friendly practices in its malting processes and sourcing high-quality raw materials. Recognition for its products has been received, with its malts frequently used in producing award-winning beers and spirits.

Muntons are the largest homebrew beer manufacturer in the UK, if not the world. They manufacture some of the most well known brands available today like Connoisseur Range, Gold Range, Woodfordes, St. Peters, Geordie, Tom Caxton and Cwtch to name a few. This showcases the beers sold under the name Muntons.

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