Muntons Flagship American Pale Ale – Extract Beer Kit


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With Amarillo and Cascade hop pellets included, this kit has wonderful citrus hop aromas, backed with a biscuity, slightly sweet malt character.

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Muntons Flagship American Pale Ale

Muntons Flagship American Pale AleWith Amarillo and Cascade hop pellets included, our hoppy American Pale gives wonderful citrus hop aromas, backed with a biscuity, slightly sweet malt character.

Product Specifications

  • Weight (Kg): 3kg
  • Brewing Volume (L): 20L / 35 pints
  • ABV approx (% vol.): 4.5%
  • Colour: Pale Gold
  • Hop / Key Ingredient: 30g Amarillo, 30g Cascade
  • Malt: Low malt

Muntons Flagship Series

Muntons flagship range brings a new experience of craft brewing to your home. Using only the finest ingredients including Muntons high-quality malt extract, premium hop pellets and Fermentis yeast, Muntons Flagship range allows you to brew 35 pints of carefully engineered craft beer at home.

25 homebrewers were asked to taste the initial recipes for this range and provide feedback on their experience. Their responses helped fine-tune the recipes and put the 3 most popular descriptive words on the front of each pack, ensuring the beer you brew will taste exactly as expected.

All 5 kits in the Muntons Flagship range are packed full of flavour. Whether it’s 116g of hop pellets in the Hazy IPA, creamy lactose in the Milk Stout, or 3 different hop varieties and 1kg of brewing sugar in the West Coast IPA, these kits will leave you wanting more!


Basic beer making equipment (5g fermenter, airlock, syphon tube with sediment trap, hydrometer, Suresan sanitiser, bottles or barrel). These are available under the starter kit section on this website.


Harris Pure Brew - 5 DoseWe strongly recommend using Pure Brew with this kit in order to achieve a commercial quality. Pure Brew is a professional beer enhancer. It feeds the yeast with essential nutrients, which supercharge the fermentation and support yeast development (even in limited oxygen conditions). Additionally, Pure Brew treats brewing water, eliminating problems caused by Chlorine and Chloramine, which can create a medicinal or, as it is sometimes referred to, a “homebrew” taste. Achieving optimum results in brewing critically depends on the condition of brewing water, but this important area is often overlooked. By using Pure Brew, you can effectively and easily condition brewing water, and maximise effective fermentation.

The addition of beer finings will improve the final quality of your beer. Finings such as Harris Beer Brite will help your beer to clear quickly and the sediment will be more likely to stay at the bottom of bottles or barrels. If you are using Corny Kegs then it is important to clear the beer as much as possible before kegging. Beer Finings will promote a faster and more efficient fall out of sediment and haze particles prior to kegging. Harris Starbrite is a highly effective vegan-friendly beer fining, which is rapidly becoming a firm favourite with home brewers.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Beer strength

4.1% – 5%

Beer style

1 review for Muntons Flagship American Pale Ale – Extract Beer Kit

Rated 5.0 out of 5
5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 1 review)
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Rated 5.0 out of 5
16 March 2021

Bottled my Muntons Flagship range American Pale Ale after 14 days in the bin and five weeks later it’s turned out rather well. It’s a light–coloured ale with plenty of carbonation and a good head. It’s not strictly my type of beer as it’s fairly heavily hopped but it improves with age and after a month is very drinkable. I look forward to drinking the rest over the next two months or so.


This is a two can kit with lots of supporting information and at about £28 for each 35 pint kit the Flagship range is not cheap, but good value for money given the quality of the product. According to the notes, the two cans contain “different extract to create the perfect flavour profile”. This particular kit contains 11.5 grams of US-05 American ale yeast as well as 30 grams of Amarillo and 30 grams of Cascade which are added on day 10 of primary fermentation The recommended fermentation time is 14 days which is more realistic than the 4 to 6 days most kits suggest. Bitterness is 25-45 IBU, colour is 15-25 EBC and the expected ABV is 4.5%.

Dewi J


Beginners guide to brewing beer

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