Brewing Sugar – Dextrose Monohydrate – 25Kg Bulk Buy


Brewing Sugar (also known as Dextrose Monohydrate) in a 25Kg bulk bag. Used for beer, wine, cider and spirits as well as other industries.

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Brewing Sugar

Brewing Sugar

Brewing Sugar (also known as Dextrose Monohydrate or Glucose), is a very fine powdered sugar, to ferment beers, wines, cider, or a spirit wash. This is a bulk 25Kg bag. This bag, sold as a food item, incurs no VAT.

Why use Brewing Sugar?

You can use lots of different sugars in the brewing process. Each one imparts its own unique characteristic to the final taste of the beer, wine, or cider. The most popular type of sugar, for several reasons:

  1. Using brewing sugar, which is a powder rather than crystals, reduces the risk of scratching the fermenters.
  2. It will dissolve more easily.
  3. This sugar is 100% fermentable.
  4. It ferments easier than household sugar.
  5. Beer, wine and cider have a cleaner flavour.

What quantity do I use?

If you need 1Kg of standard sugar, you can directly substitute it with 1Kg of Brewing Sugar.

Can you use Brewing Sugar for priming?

Yes, you can use it for priming beer and cider. Ideally better suited for priming barrels, for bottles we would recommend carbonation drops.

Other Uses

The following industries use Dextrose Monohydrate apart from brewing:

  1. Food Industry: Dextrose Monohydrate is a common ingredient in the food industry. People use it as a sweetener, a fermentation substrate in baking, and to control crystallization, colour, and browning in frozen food products.
  2. Pharmaceuticals: The medical and pharmaceutical industries use it. For example, they use it in intravenous fluids to provide patients with immediate energy
  3. Sports and Nutrition: Sports drinks and nutritional supplements use it. It’s a simple sugar that can be quickly absorbed by the body, providing immediate energy.

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Brewing Sugar
Brewing Sugar – Dextrose Monohydrate – 25Kg Bulk Buy