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Weyermann Malts

Weyermann Malts is a well-known maltster based in Bamberg, Germany, with a history dating back to 1879. The company has a long and rich tradition in the production of high-quality malt for brewing and distilling.

Johann Baptist Weyermann founded the Weyermann Malting Company in 1879. It started as a small malt house in Bamberg, Bavaria. Weyermann remained a family-owned business over the years, passing down through generations. The family’s commitment to quality and traditional malting methods played a crucial role in the company’s success.

Over the decades, Weyermann Malts grew and expanded its production capabilities. The company’s focus on providing specialty malts and maintaining traditional malting techniques contributed to its reputation in the brewing industry. Operating in Bamberg, Weyermann maintains a historic malthouse, preserved and adapted to modern malting standards. The malthouse has become an iconic symbol in the brewing world, recognized for its distinctive red colour.

In addition to serving the local German brewing industry, Weyermann Malts has become a global player, exporting its specialty malts to breweries worldwide. Brewers frequently seek the company’s malts for their exceptional quality and diverse range. While maintaining traditional methods, Weyermann has also embraced innovation in malting techniques. The company has introduced various specialty malts and has adapted to the changing needs and trends in the craft brewing industry.

We stock a wide range of Weyermann Malts, imported direct from Germany. These malts are available in weights ranging from 250g to 5Kg.

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