Chocolate Vanilla Blend Mead Infusion


A pack of mixed spices and botanicals, carefully blended to ensure a balance of both chocolate and vanilla flavour in your mead.


Chocolate Vanilla Blend Mead Infusion

Chocolate Vanilla Blend Mead Infusion

This infusion pack has been carefully researched to establish the optimum balance of spices and botanicals, to enhance the flavour of mead.

The pack is easy to use and should be added to a mead that has finished fermenting and has been cleared, to turn it into a chocolate vanilla infusion. It is supplied with a tea/spice bag for ease of use. The length of time the infusion bag is immersed in the mead will determine the final flavour and aroma of your mead.


Make sure your mead has been stabilised and cleared before adding the infusion.

Firstly, split the vanilla pods lengthways to open it up. Then carefully scrape the seeds into the tea/spice bag supplied (discard the outer shell). Then add the rest of the Spice Infusion and knot the bag. Put the bag into a teacup and cover with boiling water. Leave for 10 minutes (this will sanitise the infusion) then add the bag and liquid to the mead. Leave for 24 hours then taste a sample. Then remove the bag (you can leave the bag immersed for longer if necessary until you reach your preferred taste).

For a commercial clarity and professional finish, it is strongly recommended that you now filter your mead through a Vinbrite Wine Filter before bottling.

Your mead should now be left to mature before drinking in a cool place. It should be ready for sampling after 6 months but will benefit from leaving for up to one year.


Cacao Nibs, Vanilla Pod

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Chocolate Vanilla Blend Mead Infusion
Chocolate Vanilla Blend Mead Infusion